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Core BSP-Staff Engineer


Last Updated: 9/25/21

Job Description

Dear Job Seekers,

Qualcomm is Hiring for:

Job Title: Core BSP-Staff Engineer

Job Description:

  • Building Trusting Relationships - The ability to build trusting, collaborative relationships and rapport with different types of people and businesses.
  • This includes delivering on commitments and maintaining confidential information, as well as being approachable, showing interest in the other person, and relating well to people regardless of personality or background.
  • Communicating Effectively - The ability to compellingly communicate one's perspectives and ideas to all levels of the organization.
  • This includes the ability to convey complex information in an engaging way, adapt the message, delivery, and point-of-view based on the audience's real-time or anticipated reactions.
  • This also includes active listening, and eliciting questions, participation, and buy-in from the audience.
  • Communication - The ability to convey information clearly and accurately, as well as choosing the most effective method of delivery (e.g., email, phone, face-to-face).
  • This includes using a technically sound communication style both verbally and in writing.
  • Creating the New and Different - The ability to be creative. This includes the ability to produce breakthrough ideas, being a visionary, managing innovation, seeing multiple futures, having broad interests and knowledge, and gaining support in order to translate new ideas into solutions.
  • This also includes the ability to plan and implement unconventional ideas and speculate about alternative futures without all of the data.
  • Decision Making - The ability to make quick, accurate decisions. This includes the ability to weigh alternatives and take into account the impact of the decisions on people, equipment, or other resources.
  • Getting Organized - The ability to be organized, resourceful, and planful.
  • This includes the ability to leverage multiple resources to get things done and lay out tasks in sufficient detail.
  • This also includes the ability to get things done with fewer resources and in less time, work on multiple tasks at once without losing track, and foresee and plan around obstacles.
  • Mentoring and Coaching - The ability to develop, coach, and mentor associates.
  • This includes the ability to provide development experiences and network opportunities, advise, and teach to prepare associates for effective job performance.
  • Software Development Life Cycle - Knowledge of the overall process for developing new software. This includes knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of software engineering and other functions, major phases, checkpoints and deliverables.
  • This also includes the ability to identify common issues and considerations for bringing a new product to the marketplace.
  • Software Optimization - Knowledge of techniques and approaches to optimize software for specific hardware platforms.
  • This includes basic practices in software optimization and the interaction between software and the hardware platform.
  • Taking Initiative - The ability to attack work activities with drive and energy, understanding the impact of work on key metrics, and making decisions that are in the company's best interest.
  • This includes not being afraid to initiate action before all the facts are known, and driving value-added work tasks to completion.
  • Technical Documentation - Ability to appropriately document software and/or hardware specifications to promote knowledge transfer to other engineers.

Experience: 3+ years

Salary: As per the Company Standards

Location: Hyderabad

Company Details

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
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